MILAN DESIGN WEEK, APRIL 8th – 13th, 2014

Showroom Closed – Opificio 31 – via Tortona 31 is a young digital platform focusing on the world of jewelry. It grew out of an idea by three jewelry and fashion editors – Federica Frosini, Giulia Romani and Martina Zanicotti – to give new jewelry designers visibility and opportunities to develop their artistic capabilities and to speak about jewelry in a new expressive and visual idiom.

The event ‘Amusingold and The Jewellery House Meet Design’ presents an accurate selection of sculpture jewels, worked with innovative techniques and materials that look at the research of new shapes and important volumes, influenced by art and architecture. This exhibition at the Design Week awards the exclusivity and the design of jewelry pieces through one-a-kind pieces in titanium, niello, paper, glass and wood.

As always, the aim is to recreate a synergistic atmosphere, comparison and cosmopolitan, arising from the several experiences and background of each designer.

From Canada, Ezra Satok-Wolman, owner of the brand Atelier Hg, born in 2009, creating a reseach laboratory in which they find expression, art and experimentation using titanium and gold. From Spain, Ana Hagopian whose passion is to play with paper and her inspiration comes from nature and its limitless colours. The young designer Rayya Morcos, coming from Beirut, signature of the brand Bird on a Wire, explores the jewel necklaces with large copper, wood and fiberglass for an effect of continuous movement.

As by Atsuko Sano from Japan breaks the aesthetic patterns thanks to his graphics effects in silver rhodium.

Valuable and at the same time conceptual inclusions come from Italy, with the jewel of art by Gigi Mariani that prays tributes to ancient techniques such as niello, granulations and oxidation, and with the Fabio Cammarata’s jewel sculpture that breaks the static nature of metals inn an unconventional way, using harmonic experiments with gold, silver, iron and brass.

They are instead the resin and the gold to create entrancing material combinations, which borrow from the nature and some of its most significant elements, transforming them into delicate bucolic creations signed by Roberto Marroni for Marroni Design, while geometric shapes declined in cubic and rectangular gold and rock crystal are the icon of the inspiration for the PI. Jewellery sculptures.

Design in the form and the volumes of rings in silver burnished with details in brown diamonds for the turinese brand Sardo, and intentional heel of spirals, waves and spirals, combined with decorations in gold and pearls, in those deconstructured from Averla, you placed in a dimension of micro-pièces d’art.

A marriage between art, design, sculpture and goldsmith’s art that investigates and make her a new design language, synonymous with search, craftsmanship, uniqueness and innovation.

The exhibition will be opened from Tuesday 8th to Sunday 13th, from 10 to 9pm.

On Thursday there will be a special opening till Midnight.