Video – Tracce della Materia

Thanks to Leon Del Papa - filmaker & storyteller for this video to the Padua Exhibition, Oratorio San Rocco , June - July 2018 Grazie a León Del Papa - Filmmaker & Storyteller per questa [...]

Tracce nella materia – Gioielli di Gigi Mariani in mostra a Padova

Inaugurazione: 8 giugno 2018, ore 18.30 Tracce nella materia. Gioielli di Gigi Mariani è la nuova mostra dedicata all’oreficeria contemporanea aperta al pubblico dal 9 giugno al 15 luglio 2018 all’Oratorio di San Rocco. L'esposizione [...]

#24 Influences – Munich

INFLUENCES_who are we now? A journey through life. An arrive in the presence. 7 Countries_12 Cities_12 Artists and how they are influenced in their work by their living environment. The City, the environment and the [...]

Like a Rolling Stone 2018

How does it feel, how does it feel? To be without a home Like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone… -Bob Dylan 1965 2016 was the Year of Italian Innovation, Architecture & Design and [...]

The Alchemical Egg in Paris. Visions and revelations of an enigma

Coming across the alchemical egg is gliding into the Arcana Artis, following the egg is diving into the Great Opus. The study of Ars Magna, practiced throughout Europe, Egypt and Asia, arrived in Western Europe by the translation of [...]

Gigi Mariani on Umbigo

Gigi Mariani: the voice of metals Gigi Mariani was always fascinated by the infinite potential of metals and the opportunity to transform their original properties and look to expand what can be reached. He uses [...]

The Alchemical Egg, nuova mostra a Barcellona, Hanna Gallery

The Alchemical Egg Hannah Gallery by Klimt02 Riera Sant Miquel 26, Barcelona 4 October – 10 November 2017 Opening: 4 October 19:30  Twelve pieces, four artists, three colours and One Great Opus: this is The [...]

Italian Jewellery Art, Maria Rosa Franzin & Gigi Mariani 14 Sept – 14 Oct 2017

Alla Galerie Slavik di Vienna la mostra: Italian Jewellery Art Maria Rosa Franzin & Gigi Mariani 14 Sept - 14 Oct 2017

Su Abendzeitung Munchen – Marzo 2017

Gold on the Tracks, Gigi Mariani | Art Aurea

Gold on the Tracks – Gigi Mariani The Gallery Isabella Hund shows powerful works of goldsmithing from Italy. Jewelry is intended to reflect the artist’s personality, to captivate by powerful and unique radiance and to [...]

Gold on the tracks

My feelings, my moods, my emotions and the metal contortions are the elements that characterize my own research. The thrill of a crack or the vertigo of an empty space push me to force the [...]

PastPresent – Maria Rosa Franzin Gigi Mariani Alternatives Gallery

PastPresent - Maria Rosa Franzin Gigi MarianiAlternatives Gallery Roma12th November - 6th December 2016 Just as language is a set of rules that represent the culture and the way of life of a people, in [...]

Gioielli in Fermento a New York

Il progetto espositivo di Gioielli in Fermento approda a The Gallery at Reinstein Ross di New York, uno spazio pensato per dare luce all’oreficeria di ricerca e alle forme artistiche legate al gioiello contemporaneo. [ [...]

Àrtic: Les joies de l’Esther Castarnado

L'Esther Castarnado ens descobreix la joieria contemporània

Les Confluences. Ramón Casas and Contemporary Jewellery

Arte y joyería: feria Joya Barcelona y exposición "Las influencias" en el Museo del Modernismo de Bcn Nichka Marobin, curatore ed esperto di storia dell'arte, presenta il progetto "Les Confluences | Las Confluencias": Ramón Casas e la gioielleria contemporanea, un dialogo tra pittura modernista e gioielli artistici.

JOYA – La inspiración del pasado

Jewel. The inspiration in the past El Museo de la Evolutión Humana se complace en envitarle a la inauguración de la exposición

Dialoghi – Italia-Giappone Gioielli contemporanei

Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo Livorno, Via Roma 234 Inaugurazione 4 giugno 2016 ore 18

Three contemporary Italian Goldsmiths – Edinburgh

Edinburgh College of Art and the Italian Cultural Institute Friday June 10th, Present: Evolution House Board Room, Floor 5 Edinburgh College of Art Design school Lady Lawson Street 78 West Port EH1 2LE Three contemporary [...]

Off JOYA 2015

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Transmission, une exposition de bijou contemporain

Du 20 octobre au 12 décembre 2015, Sébastien Carré et Florine Menant présentent Transmission, une exposition de bijou contemporain et du travail artistique de la matière, au Studio 411 à Montpellier. « Nombre de connaissances [...]