The final portraits in the “Who wears my art?” photography initiative

The first edition of Art Aurea was published nearly thirty years ago in the fall of 1985. As the magazine’s editor, I visited Prof. Hermann Jünger’s jewelry and utensils class at the Academy of Visual Arts in Munich for the first time in 1986. Jünger formatively influenced art jewelry in Germany and far beyond its borders during his tenure at the Academy from 1972 to 1990. My young colleague Paulina Tsvetanova and I returned to the goldsmith’s class at the Academy on March 10, 2015 to prepare the “Who wears my art?” art-photo happening. Three stimulating days followed, full of wonderful moments for art jewelry. Professor Otto Künzli, who had succeeded Hermann Jünger as director from 1991 to 2015 and who was recently given emeritus status, led us through the various rooms. It was a touching moment. I recalled my first visit to the Academy nearly thirty years before, as well as my conversations with the marvelous teacher and human being Hermann Jünger, to whom Galerie Wittenbrink dedicated a one-man show during Munich Jewelry Days in 2015. The central theme of our discussions three decades ago was that jewelry too can be an art form.

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ph. Miriam Künzli