Su Abendzeitung Munchen – Marzo 2017

Gold on the Tracks, Gigi Mariani | Art Aurea

Gold on the Tracks – Gigi Mariani
The Gallery Isabella Hund shows powerful works of goldsmithing from Italy.

Jewelry is intended to reflect the artist’s personality, to captivate by powerful and unique radiance and to underline the […]

Gold on the tracks

My feelings, my moods, my emotions and the metal contortions are the elements that characterize my own research. The thrill of a crack or the vertigo of an empty space push me to force the […]

PastPresent – Maria Rosa Franzin Gigi Mariani Alternatives Gallery

PastPresent – Maria Rosa Franzin Gigi MarianiAlternatives Gallery Roma12th November – 6th December 2016

Just as language is a set of rules that represent the culture and the way of life of a people, in the […]

Gioielli in Fermento a New York

Il progetto espositivo di Gioielli in Fermento approda a The Gallery at Reinstein Ross di New York, uno spazio pensato per dare luce all’oreficeria di ricerca e alle forme artistiche legate al gioiello contemporaneo.

[ Leggi […]

Àrtic: Les joies de l’Esther Castarnado

L’Esther Castarnado ens descobreix la joieria contemporània